Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park
3369 Saint Helena Hwy.

October 21 & 22

10 AM – 2 PM

Join us for an enchanting journey back in time as we usher in the spirit of harvest season in the Napa Valley at our beloved annual event – Old Mill Days. A delightful family-friendly celebration awaits you at the historic Bale Grist Mill State Historic Park, where the past comes to life through living history, delectable food, captivating music, and endless fun.

Step into History: Transport yourself to 1846 when the landscape of Napa Valley looked vastly different. Our event paints a vivid picture of the bustling Bale Grist Mill, a focal point during the wheat harvest. Immerse yourself in the days when wheat, not grapes, dominated the fields, and local farmers flocked to the mill to transform their harvest into flour.

Experience Living History: Old Mill Days is a haven for families seeking a hands-on living history experience. Engage in traditional farm chores, from woodworking and corn husking to wheat threshing and butter making. Little ones can create corn husk dolls, engage in wood planing, wash clothes on vintage washboards, sift flour, and revel in timeless games.

Artisans and Demonstrations: Discover the passion of skilled artisans who ardently share their craft. Unearth the art of old-fashioned textile creation through demonstrations in lacemaking, wheat weaving, and spinning. An ensemble of musicians will serenade you with old-time melodies, while our millers guide you through tours and showcase the water-powered grist mill that still operates today.

Gratitude and Nourishment: We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Napa Valley State Parks Association for their unwavering support of this event. As you indulge in the festivities, savor the delectable offerings from Local Q 707, our esteemed food vendor. From hearty stew and warm cornbread to soothing apple cider, your taste buds are in for a treat.

Engaging Activities Await:

  • Press apples for fresh cider
  • Explore the art of traditional woodworking
  • Create corn husk dolls
  • Uncover the art of hand sewing
  • Try your hand at rope making
  • Join a civil war “drill” practices

Inspiring Demonstrations and Tours:

  • Delve into milling demos and tours of the historic mill
  • Learn the captivating art of spinning and weaving
  • Witness the intricate beauty of lace making and knitting

Admission: $5 per person (Children aged 2 and under enjoy complimentary entry)

A Treat for Young Artists: Download our kids’ coloring page for a creative adventure.

Join Us as a Volunteer

Step back in time, celebrate heritage, and create cherished memories at Old Mill Days. We eagerly await your presence at this captivating journey into Napa Valley’s past.