Cathie Bennet-Warner


Cathie has called Saint Helena home for the past six years, after spending the previous three decades in Marin. As the CEO of The CBW Group Inc., a public relations firm, she brings professional experience with outreach and fundraising to the board. Cathie’s deep appreciation for history and community is evident in her affinity for Bale Grist Mill, a living testament to her milling family roots in Illinois. She cherishes how the mill has continued to bring the community together for 176 years. Among the state parks, she particularly favors Redwood Creek and the trails in Bothe that trace its course, finding solace and connection in their natural beauty.

Kathleen Carrick 

Vice President

Kathleen Carrick, with 43 years of residence in St. Helena, brings a wealth of local knowledge to the board. As the Director of Parks and Recreation for the City of St. Helena, she has a professional background that aligns seamlessly with the mission of the association. Kathleen’s commitment to preserving open spaces and ensuring accessibility to Napa Valley state parks is unwavering. She finds special significance in Bale Grist Mill, recognizing it as a living testament to unique and captivating history.

Jeff Conwell 


Jeff Conwell, a proud native of Saint Helena, has a deep-seated connection to the community. After serving as a U.S. Navy aviator, he spent 25 years as a pilot at United Airlines before retiring. Jeff’s passion for camping and his love for the outdoors are the cornerstones of his involvement with the association. He holds Table Rock close to his heart, as it was a trail he often led Cub Scouts on, introducing them to the beauty of the valley from a different perspective.

Bill Dyer 


Bill Dyer, the devoted Secretary of the Napa Valley State Parks Association, brings almost five decades of winemaking expertise, including a distinguished tenure at Sterling Vineyards in the ’80s and ’90s. Today, he crafts exceptional Cabernet Sauvignon at his own Dyer Vineyard on Diamond Mountain. Bill’s commitment to the association stems from a profound love for preserving the natural beauty of Napa Valley. He sees the state parks as crucial sanctuaries, allowing people to escape and connect with the unspoiled landscapes that define the region. His favorite, the Coyote Peak Trail in Bothe State Park, showcases the diverse terrains and habitats that make these parks so special. From forests to meadows, creeks to peaks, it encapsulates the rich natural tapestry Napa Valley State Parks offer.

Patricia Clarey

Patricia Clarey, with over 30 years in California and a decade in Saint Helena, brings a wealth of experience in various roles, including with the Department of the Interior, National Park Service, and as Chief of Staff to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. As a long-time advocate for national, state, and local parks, Patricia’s involvement with the association is a natural fit. She holds the Redwood Trail dear, appreciating its serene path along the creek and its connection to the Hitchcock Family site.

Doug Cutting

Doug Cutting, a lifelong resident of Napa County, has spent most of his life in St. Helena. With a professional background in software development for Silicon Valley companies, Doug brings a unique perspective to the board. His love for hiking and biking in Napa County fuels his commitment to ensuring others can enjoy these activities as well. He holds the Oat Hill Mine trail in high esteem for its rugged path leading to the untouched wilderness.

Joanne Goldstein

Joanne Goldstein, originally from Chicago, has called the Bay Area home since the late 80s, with a property bordering Bothe State Park since 2012. Alongside her husband, she has embarked on a journey as vintners under the Fe label. Joanne’s involvement with the Napa Valley State Parks Association is driven by a deep desire to protect and preserve the rich history of the park. Her favorite trail, the Ritchey Canyon Trail, holds special significance as it winds along the creek and passes the Historic Hitchcock Family site, offering a unique connection to the changing seasons and the park’s history.

Shane Kelley

Shane’s connection to the Napa Valley State Parks dates back to 2007 when he first joined the park community as a pool lifeguard. Over the years, he forged meaningful connections with key individuals at the park, notably Tyler and Ranger Sandy, who inspired Shane with their deep passion for these parks and providing these recreational opportunities to everyone. After working at the park, he joined the NVSPA board in 2013.
Together with his wife, Shane leads the Two Friends Foundation, a cornerstone in supporting the park’s educational programs. He strongly believes in the importance of introducing youth to nature and educating them about its significance. Growing up in Oakland, Shane recognizes the value of nature and the need to escape urban life. He is thrilled to see families come out to the park, enjoy camping, and learn about nature even if it’s just for a night. Shane’s infectious love for parks and nature is evident in his conviction that everyone should experience the sheer joy of connecting with the outdoors. Shane’s remarkable dedication to park development continues to make a lasting impact on the community, making him a driving force behind NVSPAs mission to support the growth and enrichment of these parks.

Mark Oppenheim

Michael Pratt

Michael Pratt, a resident of Napa since 2011, brings a wealth of educational expertise and a deep passion for history to the Napa Valley State Parks Association. As an accomplished educator, Michael has served as the Head of School in two independent institutions, leveraging his background in history to contribute to the academic realm. His dedication to sharing knowledge is evident through extensive public speaking engagements on a range of historical and educational topics, as well as the publication of numerous articles and a book.

Beyond the classroom, Michael is a fervent advocate for public access to outdoor experiences and the preservation of historically significant sites and resources. His commitment aligns seamlessly with the mission of the association. Michael holds a special affinity for Bale Grist Mill, considering it one of the most valuable historical resources in the county. His profound appreciation for the intersection of history and nature makes him a valuable asset to the Napa Valley State Parks Association in preserving these parks for future generations.

Ahren Trumble

Ahren Trumble, a native of Napa Valley, currently resides in Santa Rosa, maintaining a deep connection to the area for 43 years. As a local business owner of Sportago since 2013, Ahren brings a unique perspective to the board and his close connection to outdoor recreation and merchandise sales. His personal connection to Bothe State Park, where he’s camped over 500 times, makes it a place of special significance. Ahren holds Coyote Peak in high regard for its challenging yet rewarding climb, always shrouded in comforting shade.

Jane Wright-Mitchell

Jane Wright-Mitchell, a resident of Napa since 2008, is a seasoned life sciences attorney. Her legal expertise enriches the board, and she is a staunch advocate for the parks as a means of escaping the demands of daily life and immersing oneself in nature. Jane holds Coyote Peak trail in high regard, finding comfort and renewal in its familiar yet ever-changing terrain.

Tom Koch

Tom Koch, splitting his time between Calistoga and Laguna Beach, brings a wealth of experience in retained executive search and HR leadership to the board. With a career spanning nearly two decades in executive search, Tom’s expertise in optimizing experiences aligns with the mission of the association. He cherishes North Richey for its extensive trail that leads deep into the heart of the park, offering a true escape from daily challenges.

“Our parks are a great resource and escape from life’s challenges and work; they need our support to optimize their use and experiences.”

Brad White

Need Bio Response, used resume – Brad is a highly experienced retail operations leader based in Napa, California. With his extensive background overseeing multimillion-dollar businesses and leading store openings across the United States, he has developed a wealth of knowledge in operations analysis, financial management, and cross-functional teamwork. Additionally, Brad’s passion for supporting and improving community resources is evident through his role as a board member of the Napa Valley State Parks Association. He is committed to the organization’s mission and success, and his insights have been invaluable in helping these parks work towards a more self-sustaining existence.

Chris ‘HowdyFowler

Chris “Howdy” Fowler, a board member with a diverse background, has a strong connection to St. Helena, where he grew up and returned with his family in 2018. His professional journey spans various roles including professional ski instructor, licensed real estate agent, and even owning a high-end auto repair shop. Chris’s involvement with the Napa Valley State Parks Association is driven by his desire to nurture the growth and preservation of the three often overlooked parks in the valley, ensuring that everyone, including his own family, can continue to enjoy these special spaces. He holds Table Rock in high regard, captivated by its awe-inspiring rocks and breathtaking vistas.

“Table Rock…the rocks and vistas…WHOA!!!”